About us

About us

Financial Mindfulness is an app that measures and reduces financial stress.

The program incorporates a leading Financial Stress Index (FSI), which measures levels of financial stress in five dimensions and suggests solutions.

For businesses, custom FSI reports show; how, why and where financial stress impacts employees, measures the cost of lost productivity and provides suggested solutions for businesses to implement.

The app reduces financial stress by integrating financial literacy, mindfulness, goal setting and behavioural tools on topics such as Impulse Spending, How to Budget, Paying Bills, Managing Credit Cards, Managing Mortgages, Unexpected Expenses, Disorganised Finances and more.

The program has been developed by a leading team of Neuropsychologists, Financial experts, Mindfulness practitioners, scholars and research scientists in Stress Management, Data and Biopsychosocial statistics.

Our Vision is for sufferers of financial stress to experience financial wellbeing.


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