Contactless payments surge 44% during COVID-19

Credit card giant Mastercard reported a major shift in consumer behaviour that has seen 44% of Aussies decrease their use of cash when making purchases in-person since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, as shoppers fear germs on cash.

The research found that more than half (52%) of Aussies are more aware of the dirtiness of cash as a result of COVID-19, while one in five (21%) said the risk of germs has made them not use cash at all.

Eight in ten (79%) of Australians agree contactless payments are a cleaner way to pay.

Founder and CEO of Financial Mindfulness Andrew Fleming said the combination of reduced incomes and a move away from using cash is the “perfect storm” for credit card debt which could drive up financial stress.

You can read the full article here.

From cash to cashless
From cash to cashless
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