Behind in your bills

Behind in your bills.

Being behind in payments can be very stressful and may feel overwhelming.

Don’t panic! If you can’t afford to pay all your bills this month here are some things you can do to take control:

Focus on the present.

Do not imagine future events. Stay focused on the things you can do today to improve your situation and regain control of your finances;

Be a detective.

Identify what is making it difficult to make your bill payments.
Do you know the answer to this question?
Are you forgetting to pay bills?
Are you disorganised?
Did you have any unexpected expenses?

Have you been shopping or going out more than usual?

Write down the reasons that prevent you from paying bills and see if you can find a solution to each one; and

Consider your priorities.

Review your list of bills and identify which ones you can stop, replace, or cancel that aren’t essential.

Pay TV, streaming services, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, extra phone features, paid memberships can all be paused or cancelled until you are back on top of your commitments.

There is an art to paying bills in a seamless and stress-free way.

Behind in your bills
Behind in your bills
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